Important Information

Licensing your dog in Michigan:

All licensing is done at the Kalamazoo County Animal Control Shelter at:
1316 Lamont Ave
Kalamazoo, MI 49048
(269) 383-8775

Maintenance Preventative:

Intestinal Parasites –

Your new pet has been tested for intestinal parasites and has been treated if any were found. It is still wise to take a stool sample to your next vet appointment, just to be safe.

Heartworm –

Heartworm disease is transmitted by mosquitos and can be fatal. Heartworms invade the dog’s heart, where it lives and multiplies – causing an enlarged heart and eventually severe lung congestion. We recommend that you keep your puppy or dog on an oral monthly heartworm preventative all year, but at least May thru December. Your dog has received a first dose of this preventative; it will need additional doses each month as prescribed by your vet. Do not fail to get your puppy or adult dog on heartworm prevention! Heartworm is very common in Southwest Michigan. Once infected, your pet will begin a long, downward spiral in health that will culminate in an early and very painful death.

Fleas and Ticks –

Are external parasites. They are common and continuous problem for dogs, especially during non-winter months. It is much easier to use preventative treatment than to eradicate fleas from your home, dog and yard. Signs of flea infestation include itching, hair loss and skin irritation which can become infected. Serious illness can result. Fleas can also transmit tapeworm, which is an intestinal parasite. Ticks can transmit many diseases, such as Lyme Disease, which causes chronic fatigue, joint pain, and death. We recommend you apply topical flea and tick control each month year round, but at least in the months of April – November.

Please be reasonable in your expectations. Life with you is a different experience for your new companion, so give him/her time to adjust. You’ll soon find out that you’ve made a friend for life. No one will ever greet you with as much enthusiasm or provide you with as much unqualified love and loyalty as your dog will. Be patient, and you will be amply rewarded.

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