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The SPCA of Southwest Michigan is here to answer any questions you might have. Whether it is about the care and keeping of your new pet or how the adoption process works, we are glad you want to know!


Do you accept Strays?

Unfortunately we are not legally authorized by the State of Michigan to accept strays. 

I found a stray - what do I do?

If you  have found a stray, please call your local animal control shelter or other shelters in your community to see if they are accepting strays. 

You also have the option to care for the animal for 30 days, report to animal control that you have the animal – this is in case owners are searching for their missing pet, animal control can contact you letting you know the owners have been found. After 30 days, no one has claimed the animal, it is by law now your pet. 

I need to Rehome my pet.

Depending on how much room we have, we can at times take in pets. However, all situations are on a case by case scenario and no guarantees can be made that we will be able to take your pet on.

Our process requires you to please fill out an Intake Assessment form and someone will respond to you as quickly as they can. Please be patient as we do receive a lot of Intake forms and takes time for us to respond to everyone.

I Need Help

If we or other shelters are full, there are other options to try such as: utilize Facebook to reach out to friends and family to see if they are willing to adopt. There is also which is a website that will help those looking to rehome and adopt pets. You can choose to charge a rehoming fee or not.

I found a stray dog.

Please be careful approaching any stray dog as you do not know full well it’s condition, temperament and if they will attack or not. Most dogs will attack out of fear or needing to defend. 

If the dog is approaching you, acts friendly and allows you to pet it, you can try to see if they will get in the car with you, take to a nearby vet or shelter to have it scanned for micro-chip. If they are micro-chipped the facility will take the next steps in contacting the owner based on information provided by the chip.  

If it is not micro-chipped, please call a local shelter to see if they will take in the dog or you can take care of the dog for 30 days, make sure to report to county animal control that you have the dog (in case owners are looking for it and animal control knows how to get in contact with you) and try to utilize all resources to help find the owners yourself (flyers in neighborhood, Facebook, Instagram, any social media, asking neighbors, etc). Once the 30 days has been completed, no one has come forth to claim the pet, it is now legally yours and you can assume full ownership. 


Mama cat with Kittens or kittens found.

Unfortunately, we are unauthorized by the State of Michigan to legally take in strays of any kind – cats, dogs, pregnant cats, mama cats with kittens, and/or kittens. 

Here are some links to help you in case you have found either a mama with kittens and/or kittens.  You are always welcome to consult your local vet about nutritional aid/advise as well as your local animal control to take them in. 

Found Kittens, Now what….?

Found a Stray Kitten? Here’s What to Do

Animal abuse or Hoarding situation.

In either case, please contact your local police to report the situation. You are also welcome to contact the ASPCA, which we are often confused with, at 888-666-2279 to see if they are able to assist or advise.


What are your Adoption Procedures?

  1. Come visit our dogs/cats and see if any of them spark your interest.
  2. We will put you and the animal of interest in an adoption room to do a meet and greet.
  3. We will provide you all the information on the animal that we have and give you a few minutes to spend time with the animal. 
  4. If you feel that they are a good fit for your home and family, we have you fill out an Adoption Contract form, pay the adoption fee and they go home with you same day! 

How much does it cost to adopt a dog?

Adoptions for dogs are based on age. 

0-9 months:  $280.00

10mths – 6yrs: $250.00

7yrs – 9yrs: $125.00

10+ yrs: $50.00

How much does it cost to adopt a cat?

Adult Cats 1yr and older: $35.00

Kittens: less than a year: $80.00

You do have the option to buy a cat carrier for $5.00. 

What's included in the Adoption price?

Any vaccinations that is required by state and animals age.

Any parasite and flea preventative/control.

Any medications that animal required (if applicable) for illness, injuries, surgeries, etc. 

Covers spay/neuter.




Doggie Language  |  How (NOT) to Greet a Dog  |  Cat Language

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