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The SPCA of Southwest Michigan is here to answer any questions you might have. Whether it is about the care and keeping of your new pet or how the adoption process works, we are glad you want to know!


Why is my pet being destructive?

If your dog is destroying things in your home it is likely due to the anxiety of being separated from you!  This often manifests as destruction of owner’s property and other undesirable behaviors. Remember, this behavior is not due to spite or anger, but by the anxiety of losing you! Punishment will make the problem worse. Call your vet to discuss options to over come this fear!

My older pet is having accidents

When an older pet has accidents in the house it can indicate an underlying disease, such as diabetes, kidney disease, Cushing’s disease, and others. It’s best to have it checked out!

Is this lump cancer?

All lumps found on your pet should be looked at. The vet will be able to tell if it is a benign lipoma (fatty tumor), cyst, or a malignant lump that needs removal. If a lump is cancerous, it is important to get lumps checked out early!

What if I can't afford pet care?

Please call your vet, or contact the SPCA or Humane Society in your community to see if there is assistance available to help you with your pet. We ALL want to do everything we can so that no animal is suffering!

Have a question?

How do I adopt a pet?

  1. Look at rescued pets online or meet our pets in person on site or at one of our weekly adoption events.
  2. Discuss your questions and survey with an adoption counselor.
  3. Review and sign your pet care contract.
  4. Take your new family member home!

Why so many questions before I adopt?

As a rescue organization, part of our mission is to break the cycle of unwanted and abandoned pets. We need to  be sure that all prospective pet parents are prepared and are committed to meeting the pet’s needs. We also want to do what we can to make sure you and the pet you selected will be a good match; not all cats or dogs will fit into everyone’s life, we want to help you find the one that will!

Is the SPCA the county pound?

No, but we have cooperative relationships with Animal Services and Control (the county pound) which provide important services like picking up strays, enforcing laws, licensing, etc.  Many of our rescues come from Animal Services.

What should I do if I suspect abuse?

Call the authorities immediately – the Animal Services and Control agency for your county, or you local police. Many counties will allow you to remain anonymous. The SPCA takes in and rehabilitates abused and neglected animals, but by law, we can only be of assistance after the local authorities have investigated, intervened, and receive custody of the pet. The owner may voluntarily relinquish the pet to authorities or it may be seized by the county Animal Services and Control agency.

Why are fees different at shelters?

We do everything possible to get you and your new family member started on the right paw!
When you adopt one of our pets, you are assured that the pet has received a medical care, vaccinations, a microchip for identification, complete medical records, and spay/neutering. This care requires substantial financial investment in each pet by SPCA! These services would cost more than the adoption fee if obtained from a vet after adoption.

What should I do if I find a stray?

If the animal is loose, don’t try and apprehend it yourself. Call your county’s animal control facility as soon as possible so they can take the animal. If you have a found animal in your possession, you will want to let your county animal control know. You can take the animal to any rescue, vet’s office or county animal control facility to see if it is micro-chipped

Can you take my animal?

We prioritize taking animals from Animal Control facilities that might be at risk of being euthanized. As a no-kill animal rescue, we can only take animals when we have space. If we are able to consider taking your pet, it would have to be approved through our intake process which includes a medical exam and temperament test.


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