Medical Clinic

The Emily Bacon Medical Clinic sees over 1,200 animals annually. Every animal the comes through the SPCA’s doors, needs to be spayed/neutered, microchipped, flea treated and vaccinated. The EAB clinic provides the care for the 6 rotating vets in our organization.

The clinic itself has seen over 14,000 animals since it’s inception, providing care to sick and injured animals, homeless pets, and low income animals that have no where else to turn.

The SPCA of SWMICH is one one of Michigan’s largest no-kill shelters, and continues to work tirelessly through their outreach to provide our four-legged family member’s safety.


Emily was a lifelong animal lover and an advocate of the SPCA mission. She was a staunch believer in pet adoption and ownership responsibility. The great work that the Emily Anne Bacon Medical Clinic does to further those efforts honors her memory.
The SPCA is a non-profit organization that opened up in 2002 dedicated to the rescuing and adopting of animals.  Since the opening, the SPCA has successfully saved 14,000 animals a year which equates to 266,000 in 19 years of operation. The SPCA currently works with 10 different Michigan Counties as well as shelters out of state, such as Georgia, Louisiana and Texas. They hold many events that involve the community and giving back, such as their Food Bank for those in need.
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