How do dogs get heartworms?
Can people get heartworms from their dogs?
If one of my dogs has heartworms, can they give it to my other dogs?
Is it okay to adopt a dog with heartworms?
How can I prevent my dogs from getting heartworms?
What are the symptoms of heartworm infestations in dogs?
Once my dog has heartworms, what’s the treatment? How much will it cost?
Why do I have to keep my dog quiet during the several months they are being treated for heartworms?
If my dog is diagnosed with heartworms, can I just give them their monthly preventative instead of having them go through treatment? Won’t that kill their heartworms?
Can I skip giving my dog their preventative during colder months, when there aren’t any mosquitoes?
If I don’t treat my dog with heartworms, will they “outgrow” their heartworms?
I’ve heard the treatment for heartworms can be dangerous. Are there any newer, safer alternatives?
If my dog gets heartworms, and is treated for them, can they get them again?

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