We love animals.

The SPCA of Southwest Michigan employs experienced, professional and compassionate staff.


The SPCA of Southwest Michigan is governed by a Board of Directors that volunteer their time to support our mission and improve the lives of animals in our region.

LISA WILSON  Vice President



All board meetings are held at 6:30 p.m. at the Rescue Center and are open to the general public.

*2020 Meetings
March 19

*Dates are subject to change. Please feel free to call or email before the meeting to confirm date!


Katie Timber dedicates her life to animals in the communities that the SPCA of SWMI serves. She began her career with the SPCA in 2006 and was promoted to her position of Executive Director in 2013. Katie works tirelessly to transform the SPCA of SWMI into one of the most recognized, awarded and impactful animal welfare organizations in the Great Lakes region. Email:

Katie Timber

Executive Director


Dr. Pete is a 1974 graduate of MSU, and the founder of Dickman Road Veterinary Clinic. He and his wife, Sharon, have 2 children along with 3 dogs and 3 cats. Dr. Pete enjoys playing basketball, MSU sports and old cars.

Philip VanVranken DVM

DVM, Board Member


Tricia started at the SPCA of SWMI as a volunteer in 2017 before becoming staff as the Volunteer Coordinator. Working with animals and the people that care for them brings joy to her life. She has two dogs of her own, Dagny and Charlie, and an SPCA cat, Tyrion Sparkles. Helping the community be a part of the SPCA is important to her and there’s nothing better than watching the SPCA volunteers shine.

Tricia Mohney

Volunteer Coordinator

Jaci recently joined our SPCA of SWMI staff as Office Manager. She owns a 13 year old cat named Mayor and is looking forward to expanding her fur family with her husband, Eric. Jaci is excited to be able to apply her management experience to benefit the lives of the animals, community, and the SPCA.

Jaci Kinner

Office Manager

Emily has been with us collectively for 8 years. She started out as kennel staff and recently was promoted to Kennel Manager. She is the proud adopter of 2 SPCA alumni dogs, Angie and Fancy, as well as 2 cats, 2 bearded dragons, an aquatic turtle, geckos and fish. Her favorite part about working for the SPCA is watching the animals build confidence in the shelter and helping sick animals heal. She is avid supporter of spaying and neutering as well as choosing adoption first when looking for a new pet.

Emily Young

Kennel Manager

Tabitha has been with the SPCA of SWMI since June of 2014 and has moved her way up to Feline Coordinator in April of 2020. She has 2 cats of her own and her favorite part of her work is helping the cats find their furever homes. She also loves to help the cat community as much as possible.

Tabitha Miller

Cat Manager

Brett has been with the SPCA of SWMI since October 2017. He lives in Kalamazoo with his two dogs, Sky and Annie. He loves to work with the large, afraid, and misunderstood animals we receive. He also works closely with the Veterinary team to make sure our animals are spayed/neutered before adoption.

Brett Jensen

Senior Kennel Staff

Samantha has been an employee with the SPCA of SWMI since 2017. She has a dog named Moose and a cat named Nash – both are rescues. Animals have always been her one true love. The most rewarding part of working for the SPCA is receiving those first cuddles, kisses from the scared/timid animals when they start to come out of their shell and show their personality.

Samantha Klauer

Senior Kennel Staff

Jade has worked at the SPCA of SWMI for one year. She lives with two beautiful SPCA pit bulls and two cats. She deeply enjoys being an integral part in the rehabilitation of the dogs and hopes to continue to spread the importance of how rescuing saves lives.

Jade Levering

Senior Kennel Staff

Laura started working at the SPCA of SWMI May 2019. Providing care and attention to dogs is her favorite part of her job. She is a WMU graduate and loves animals. She lives in a household with three dogs, one of which is a SPCA alumni.

Laura Romero

Senior Kennel Staff

Bailey has been with the SPCA of SWMI since September of 2019 and owns a dog named Riley and two pet rats, Roo and Peach. She has a love for any existing animal and enjoys working with the shy dogs that come in, helping them gain more confidence and eventually finding their forever home.

Bailey Barrett

Senior Kennel Staff

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