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Ada Seibert
Aliceanne Inskeep
Amanda and David Matthews
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Anne Marei Noyes
Ardina Ackley
Arvin Heilman
Ashley Cook
Barbara Rider
Barbara and David Wassink
Beer Exchange LLC
Betsy Aller
Bhaskar Pisipati
Bill and Marica Gregor
Billy Brown
Bojan Hrpka
Brenda Penix
Brian Opria
Candice Green
Carol Fetterolf
Cathy Welch
Cathy Murray
Charla and Rick Richmond
Cheri Jodoin
Cheryl Kuta
Cheryl Miller
Chris Emery
Chris and Marcie Haring
Christine Grzeskowiak
Colette Davis-Jones
Colleen Dresden
Connie McAndrew
Courtney Eason
Dan and Veronica Bauer
Dave Babcock
Dawn Deltarte
Deanna Rothe
Deb Nevins
Dolores Kubian
Donna Hagen
Dorothy Smith
Douglas Wood
Dr.Dave Serota
Effie Kokkinos
Eli Lewis
Elizabeth Henderson and David Posther
Ellen Leithold
Gail Nelson

Gene and Vivian Wood
Gerald Meyers
Gina and Ben King
Grace Tiffany
Harding’s Markets West Inc.
Heather Burnett
Heidrun Friedrich
Holly Woodhams
Imperial Beverage
Jackie Hunt
Jack-Lynn Greenhalgh
Jacqueline Wylie
Janice Elwell
Jeana Koerber
Jeannette Cunningham
Jennifer Whistler
Jim Heersma
Jim Gaugier
Jodi Howe
Jolee Moorian
Joyce Castle
Judy Steinbacher
Julie Anderson-Taplin
Julie Brovon
Julie Ford
Karen Kimball
Katherine Wilson
Kathleen Allworth
Katy Takabashi
Kelly Conway
Kelsey Polcher
Ken and Sandy Smott
Kevin and Shawney Bell
Kiersten Keur
Kim Hayward
Kim Kopee
Kimberly Dark
Kimberly Niehuas
Kimmy Getman
Kristen Wight
Lacie Johansen
Larry Helder
Laura Cosby
Leon and Karen Albertson
Linda Beaudoin
Linda Ruzick
Linda Hudson
Linnette Kucinich
Louise and Bradley Wilson

Luciana Costea
Lynda Wingfield
Lynda McKinnon
Marcie Virgo
Margaret Hathaway
Margaret Snyder
Margaret Mennett
Marge Duncan
Margie Brown
Maria Kelts
Martha Courtney
Mary Schaberg
Mary Munley
Mary Cusack
Matt and Deb Hunt
Matthew Short
Melanie and Roy Littell
Michael Foley
Michael Dombos
Michael Schoendorf
Michelle Schwartz
Michelle Johnson
Michelle Kounelis
Michigan Pet Fund Alliance
Miriam and Bob Bauserman
Nancy Todd
Nancy Savicke
Nancy Benton
Nancy Pulliam
Nichole Holland
Norene Lind
Olga Cairns
Patricia Freeman
Patricia and David Kissinger
Patricia and Michael Murray
Patricia and Richard Grupp
Patrick Munley
Paul and Darcy Wargolet
Penny Carlson
Peter Church
Petfinder Foundation
Phil Barber
Philip Grundlehner
Philip Vanvranken
Philip and Katherine Hartgerink
Prince of Peace Lutheran Church
Randy Ragina
Raymond and Judith Fuller
Rebecca Noricks and Mike Jones

Rich Landers
Rita Wilson
Robert Eckert
Robert and Marilyn Cook
Roger Nelson
Ron Root
Ronald and Elaine Cleaver
Rose Tornabene
Roy Olton
Sandra Masters
Sandra Lawrence
Sanjay Menon
Sara Singleton
Sara Vetoich
Sara Douglas
Sara and Bruce Bejcek
Sarah Pichler
Scott Russell
Shawn Knash
Sheri Vandenberg
Sheryl Brugh
Ske Corp
Sophie Paquin
Stephen and Karen Beckner
Sue Goldenberg
Susan Poll
Tapistry Brewing Company, INC.
The Mike and Sharon Seelye Family Foundation
The Petco Foundation
The Stephanie Evergreen Fund
Thomas Liberty
Thomas or Susan Stahl
Timothy and Patricia Dent
Tina and Greg Kapus
Trish Shantz
Veterinary Clinic of Schoolcraft, PLC
Virginia Hartman
William Schaefer
William Luban
William and Mary Clegg
Yulia Willoughby

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